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Strickland Excavator Main Pin Thumbs represent a leap in attachment technology, designed to maximize the functionality and precision of excavators across various industries. By attaching directly to the main pin of the excavator's bucket, these thumbs offer unparalleled stability and control, allowing for the efficient handling of materials, from rocks and debris to large pipes and structural components. The design emphasizes ease of operation and installation, seamlessly integrating with the excavator's existing setup without the need for additional modifications. Crafted from robust materials, Strickland Main Pin Thumbs are built to endure the challenges of heavy-duty operations, providing operators with a reliable tool that enhances productivity and safety on the job site.
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  • BUILT EN/ISO standards in mind, ensuring all current and expected standards are met where applicable

  • STRICKLAND products are manufactured using hardened steel on ground engaging & wear components, making them capable of working in the most arduous environments.

  • ENGINEERED to seamlessly integrate with all major OEM specifications. State-of-the-art CAD software enables us to update products, keeping our product aligned with our customer’s ever evolving machinery.

  • DESIGNED with purpose, our products are engineered to provide the most effective outcome in all applications while remaining user friendly and simple to maintain.

  • RIGOURSLY tested, the range of Strickland products are designed to be used by a full spectrum of industry sectors. A secure working environment, regardless of the application, is at the forefront of all designs.

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